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2.5 Layer Polyester Forming Wire

Double and half (2.5)layer polyester forming wire / mesh fabric is suitable for making quality printing paper, tissue paper and surface pulp, fluting, test-liner, corrugated, etc. Suitable for medium and high speed paper machine.

2.5 layer polyester forming fabrics can be woven in 8, 16 or 24 shed patterns. The weave design offers a uniform distribution of fibers and provides outstanding drainage capacity as a result of high top surface open area. The large diameter of weft yarns and long crimp on machine side provides excellent wear resistance and run ability. The 2.5 layer forming fabric has the features of excellent fiber support, sheet formation and high drainage.


High fiber support and drainage.

Double MD yarn lock on machine side which withstands high MD loads and resists CD ridging.

Increased weft yarn diameter on machine side and long CD crimp provides better life time.

Excellent fiber distribution.

Easy to release the sheets.

Technical Parameters of Double and Half Layer Polyester Forming Wire